Supertech Oil Filter Cross Reference

Supertech oil filter cross reference

The tech reps can answer any questions about the filters, number. What is the oil filter cross reference to a Super Tech ST3600?. online store of super tech oil filter cross reference,Oil filters, oil filters, discount super tech oil filter cross reference. supertech oil filter cross reference, supertech oil filter guide, supertech oil filters guide, sure filter cross reference, walmart oil filter cross reference Walmart Supertech Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference Fram, Supertech Oil Filter Lookup, Walmart Atv Oil Filters Supertech Oil Filter Cross Reference. There isn't an online version for a cross reference, but Supertech can be contacted at 800-882-0890.

Got the Futomo oil drain valve, and plan to use the same Supertech oil (GF-4) and filter (anti-drainback. Mobil-1 M1-110 is clearly the best oil filter available. Includes Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross, Oil Cross, Cross Supertech, Cross Oil, Super Tech Oil Filter Cross and Supertech Filter. The Supertech ST5 fits a number of different GM vehicle's.

Supertech oil filter

Super-Tech Filter, providing quality HVAC and Industrial products to the following: mechanical contractors, commercial buildings, hospitals, cleanrooms, power plants. Supertech Performance offers high quality racing components, valves, pistons, spring and valve train engine components for the automotive industry. I don't care to be a beta tester or feel the need to. The SuperTech oil filter box says: 98% single pass efficiency 99% multiple pass efficiency An autopsy of a SuperTech ST8A oil filter.

The filter is slightly cheaper than other oil filters, especially those. Filters based on the Ecore that I have come across: ValueCraft @ Autozone STP Most AC Delco DuraGuard SuperTech. Supertech is a brand name of oil filters manufactured by Champion and sold by Wal-Mart stores. Forum discussion: Chopped open my Super Tech Wal-Mart filter after my last oil change to see how well constructed the filter is for the price. I've heard many different things about the Super Tech oil filters from Wal-Mart. My issues with SuperTech and AAP and other in-house filters & oil is that their supplier can change month to month.

Supertech oil filter review

Forum discussion: Chopped open my Super Tech Wal-Mart filter after my last oil change to see how well constructed the filter is for the price. Sooo, The long awaited review, FRAM OIL FILTER! It's been a while since I chopped this.
I have a 1990 Nissan Terrano 2.7l diesel

It was imported from Japan

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